Wednesday, January 15, 2014

5 - Tools - Hide-e-hole

The Hide-e-hole
            The final tool in the good gift giver’s arsenal is a hide-e-hole: that place you stash gifts until it is time to deliver them. Mine is a wooden chest at the foot of my bed. It used to be a couple of shelves in a cabinet. In any case, you need someplace other people know better than to snoop. This way, if you find the perfect gift for your sister in August, you have a safe place for it until Kwanzaa. One of the things that makes this important, is that you don’t want to lose gifts. Murphy’s Law does say that if you hide something in a very safe place, you will never find it again. Having a single spot for gifts allows you to keep them secure from prying eyes and alleviates the stress of not knowing where to look for that “hidden surprise.”

            My mother likes to wrap gifts when she buys them. I support that, as long as you do keep a gift tracker. Otherwise, like my mom, you could forget what you’re giving people and then give my brother two bathrobes for Christmas. Also, be sure to write the recipient’s name somewhere directly on the package because labels can sometimes get mixed up. Awkward!


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