Wednesday, January 15, 2014

8 - Rule 2: Observation

Rule 2 – Think ahead, and be observant.

If you apply it correctly, information that seems trivial could end up being the key to a successful gift. If you think that’s too girly or involved, think of how much time and observation people put into great pranks. The same applies to giving gifts. The patient observer is going to come up with the best surprises.

            Use the time you’ve given yourself to explore your options and make observations. If you notice a friend fall in love with a trinket or piece of clothing in August, and her birthday isn’t until October, it’s not too early to act on the information.

It’s never a bad time to pick up some tips on what someone likes. In fact, if you attend a birthday party and the birthday girl or boy unwraps presents, that’s a great time to gather information for the next year. You could learn that he flips out over gadgets, or that she has a pet rock collection. Does she have a strange weakness for random items in animal prints? This is no time to get another slice of cake and calculate when to leave the party. You’re mining for information, so pay attention.

            If you are observant, you might find out what other people in the room like too. Maybe you already knew that your best friend at work loved to go fishing. At an office party, you could learn that he also goes on water-coloring expeditions with some other buddies at work. When his friend drops by to show off a picture of her new rescue cat, you might find out that he has a scruffy old tomcat that he adores. Put the information to work for you.

Mom has a garden full of flowers, but not THESE flowers!


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