Wednesday, January 15, 2014

4 - Tools - Gift Tracker

The Gift Tracker
            It seems compulsive to keep a list of gifts you’ve given, but it’s a good exercise and the list can come in handy. Mine tends to save me money when I try to buy my uncle five gifts a year because he’s fun and easy to shop for. A gift tracker is also how you avoid being like my mom who gave my sister a red skirt for Christmas three years in a row. Later, you can try rating the success of gifts past or get inspired for future gifts.

            The gift tracker should have at least five columns. Column one is the recipient. Column two is the occasion. Column three is the gift. Column four is for whether you’ve purchased the item yet. Column five is whether it has been delivered. I also have columns for wrapping and sending the gift, but you may not feel the need for them. You might want a “due date” column too, to back up your birthday calendar. Make a new list each year. This is where you record your amazing ideas as you get them and then track your progress as you make them happen. Is it October? Back in May you thought you’d learn woodworking and make grandma a rocking chair for Christmas? Thanks to your list, you have about two months to change your mind or get busy!

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