Wednesday, January 15, 2014

3 - Tools - Card Organizer

The Card Organizer

            Now that you have established a birthday calendar, you may want to get a card organizer, and a gift tracker. Finding the exact card you want to give someone for any occasion is difficult. My Nana used to buy cards, for specific people, months in advance. Sadly, I’ve never equaled Nana’s talent for picking cards ahead of time, but I do keep a large box full of cards I like and might come in handy. Sometimes I pick cards with someone in mind, sometimes I just like them a lot. It’s better to have a nice but generic card on hand than nothing at all. It can be difficult to find a card in the right tone, so it doesn’t hurt to have some likely candidates tucked away for when you’re in a pinch. Don’t be afraid of blank cards. There are a number of blank cards out there that are quite beautiful. Unless the greeting in a card is particularly profound or funny, the recipient will likely not read the message more than once anyway, but they will look at the card displayed on their mantle for days or even weeks after they receive it. That’s not to say, don’t try to find a well-written sentiment. Just don’t despair if you can’t find a card that is exactly what you want.

            √ you have a card picked out
            √ you know when to deliver the card and the gift

            • you need a gift!

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