Wednesday, January 15, 2014

1 - Introduction & Basics


            Bravo! Regardless of your gift giving talent, or lack thereof, in reading this blog, you’ve demonstrated a key element of successful gift giving: the desire to give better gifts. Better gifts are not necessarily more expensive: they are better thought out.

            The phrase “it’s the thought that counts” should become your guide rather than your defense. This blog is about mastering thoughtfulness and expressing it. You have it in you, you just don’t have it harnessed yet. You’ll get better with practice. It’s very rewarding when you get it right, especially if you know how to repeat the performance.

Absolute Basics

            I have a godfather who is a priest. Every Valentine’s Day he tells parishioners how, early in their marriage, his wife established rules regarding gifts. On occasions like birthdays, and anniversaries, her gift was to be,
            • delivered on the day,
            • wrapped, and
            • with a card.

            It sounds fussy, but if you are not already terrific at giving gifts, basics are a good place to start. Delivering a gift on time, wrapped, and with a card, sends a clear and pleasant message: you cared enough to plan ahead. Not only did you plan ahead to buy the gift and deliver it, you also took the time to pick out a card and wrap the gift. You’ve shown respect and regard before the recipient has even unwrapped your present.

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  1. Listen to this girl. I have been a recipient of her gifts for years and she's really good at it. Go forth and give in confidence and grace!